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I'm so glad you found your way here.

I'm Dr Wendy Bowley, a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years' experience, based in Jersey in the Channel Islands.


I help overwhelmed professionals find more balance, fulfilment, connection and meaning in their lives.

You aren't meant to struggle beneath a relentless grind of career pressure or social expectations that leave you feeling empty, isolated, anxious or depressed.

There's a new way to 'have it all' by thriving in a healthier, happier life with a sense inner wellbeing that complements your external abundance.

Clinical Psychologist on Jersey Channel Islands


1:1 sessions (Schema Therapy & CBT based) are held via online platforms.

Sessions are booked in advance in blocks of six and held at weekly or fortnightly intervals.

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Clinical Psychologist on Jersey Channel Islands


I work with senior leaders in your teams to improve their performance, by helping their interpersonal style to be more flexible and to develop their emotional intelligence.


I offer my bespoke services remotely so your high-achieving executives can engage discreetly from the office or the comfort and privacy of home.

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Clinical Psychologist on Jersey Channel Islands


I work with most major insurers and am available for GP referrals.

Clients - please contact me directly to discuss your therapy needs and to see if I am the best option for you.

GPs - please get in touch to arrange psychology client referrals with me.


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