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Corporate Clients

A well-balanced individual can be a high-performing member of your team.


Yet if your executives are stressed or dissatisfied, they aren't able to achieve the results they're really capable of.

Disillusioned, unmotivated or under-performing leaders can also have a ripple effect on their teams.

That's frustrating for them and impacts the bottom line for you.

There's a sea change underway...

With recent disruptions in the world due to Covid-19, many people have been taking stock of their lives, assessing their values and priorities, and questioning what kind of career and life they really want.

Your Channel Islands company can be an industry leader by offering psychological support to teams and individuals, creating a more productive and supportive work environment.

Not only can the performance and results of your key executives improve, but so can your reputation in the global marketplace - increasing your ability to recruit the best.


How I Can Help

I'm one of Jersey's highest-qualified and most experienced Chartered Clinical Psychologists.

Over 20 years' experience teamed with extensive training means I can competently handle any problem a client may come to me with, from mild stress and dissatisfaction, to deep anxiety or trauma.

I'll work closely with your HR team to design the best way of serving your company.


This could include:


  • Being on hand on your premises for set days of the month to offer drop-in clinics.


  • Offering 'MOT' style clinics for brief sessions and tune-ups.

  • Working more deeply over time with key executives for agreed sets of sessions.

  • Offering sessions off-premises in a neutral clinic space, or on-site.

However I may work with your company, I offer the highest levels of discretion and bring years of expertise to the table.

Please click below to make an initial enquiry about my corporate therapy services in Jersey, (UK Channel Islands), and we can discuss your needs.

"Wendy has helped me develop confidence in being able to cope in a very demanding work environment. My sessions with her have been invaluable.” - D.G., St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands

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